Bali Retreat October 2024

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Bali Retreat October 2024

Ireland retreats fully booked.

Retreat journey

A 7 day deep dive into facing the unconscious, shadows, masks, patterns, resistances, and blindspots of self. Transmuting these aspects into light, leading to deeper self understanding, awareness, and authentic self-love and creation of inner harmony and balance. Each day will consist of vulnerable session with Leanne and Shelly.

Bali Retreat

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Potential growths

  • Become aware of the contents of your subconscious, bring forward what you've been unaware of and shine a light on that you've suppressed and denied.
  • Revealing what is in the way - where there is blocks or resistance
  • Understanding of masks, there patterns, coping mechanisms and root.
  • Reclaiming of self - become more authentic and live from your own personal truth.
  • Seeing the pushed away aspects of self that bring vulnerability and reconnecting with those parts to show you who you really are.
  • Stepping out and changing negative patterns and cycles.
  • Getting into a reality, outside of the mind.
  • Exposing blindspots of denial and deflection, allowing you to see life with more discernment and clarity.
  • Rekindling the positive aspects that have been suppressed.
  • Understanding the importance intention.
  • Living from a place of truth. Perceiving life clearer and seeing things as they really are. Creates empowerment.
  • This awareness enhances your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. It is draining and painful to be pushing and suppressing things away. Suppression causes fatigue and disease. As you liberate the dense energy, the energy of consciousness can flow through all the different aspects of you.¬†



The reason people feel called to do this work is to feel more aligned and centred.
This work has an amazing way of showing us clearly the changes we need to make for the sake of our own personal expansion. If you are not willing to or choose not to take action during and post retreat to make changes, this deep inner work is not for you.